Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon

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Full moon distilled botanical hydrosol created from myrrh, cedar, intention and love. 

Traditionally distilled in an alembic copper still over the course of two full moons and one new moon. Conjured with all the elements and power of consciousness and magic. 

Lovingly harvested during full moons cycles of deep winter. Gifted from landscapes which hold healing and whole hearted being as highest priority. 


Cedar distillate 

Myrrh distillate 


For use as a physical ritual, skin toner, aromatic and energetic support. Culinary and cocktail applications for internal healing on different levels. 

Myrrh is an herb of ancient goddess, connected to the dark moon, leading lovingly to the watery depths of our emotions, deep into the underworld of feeling to heal profoundly. 

Cedar purified while offering divine protection and balance over all realms. 

A promise of hope beyond what is seen.