Cedar Spirit Hydrosol
Cedar Spirit Hydrosol
Cedar Spirit Hydrosol
Cedar Spirit Hydrosol

Cedar Spirit Hydrosol

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Honorably harvested from wild winter forest in upstate New York. Wise cedar revealed itself, asking to be transformed. Distilled in an alembic copper still under the cosmic energy of the full blood wolf moon and lunar eclipse.

Reciprocity of love and
respect to all life.
Cedar distillate.

Cedar is a most sacred tree of the Americas. Considered the tree of life, cedar medicine runs deep upon the lands of which we reside. Providing a channel to connect deeper with the spiritual and divine. With the ability to dive into unconscious self, cedar clears through obstacles which may hinder our behaviors.
Cedar is connected to the element of fire, the energy of sun. Protective and transformative, healing and sacred.
Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, soothing to the skin.
Skincare ritual-
Mist lightly onto freshly cleansed skin followed by an herbal infused serum or allow to air dry. Spray as frequently as desired to refresh and awaken the physical body.
Metaphysical ritual-
Spray as desired over energetic space. Utilize as a tool to tune into presence supported by earth. Store in a cool, dry space out of direct sunlight.