Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors

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Herbal smoke.

To be used as incense or herbal smoking blend. May alternatively be used as a ceremonial/ritual tea. 

Working in unison to support the lungs, nervous system & spirit. Herbal smoking blends connect the body and spirit with the element of air. Inviting connection to intuition, invoking magic and allowing deeper teaching from the plants. A mindful ritual to create sacred space while honoring the mindful atmosphere of mystery. 


Mullein. (soothing to lungs and mucous membranes)

Hops.(helps quiet cyclical thinking)

Mugwort. (dream enhancing)

Chamomile. (promotes relaxation)

Rose. (connection to the full sensuality of life)


Smoking blends are meant to be used intentionally, in ceremony or ritual. Shared in sacred space or tuned into individually. Whenever utilizing smoke medicine respect the power of the plants and the actions in which you participate. Educate yourself on each herb before purchase. Become familiar with herbal smoke and its strength.