White Pine & Wild Rose Hydrosol

White Pine & Wild Rose Hydrosol

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Respectfully and lovingly gathered upon wild spaces of upstate New York. Winter white pine in unison with high summer rose. 

Alchemized in a copper alembic still together with solstice full moon blessed waters.

White Pine carries mighty medicine. A graceful spirit steady in the woods, reflecting energies of purification, rejuvenation and strength. High in vitamin c, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, stimulating and detoxifying, white pine has log been a warming winter remedy.  

Rose offers heart opening abundance to wash over you and within you. Nourishing to the body and soul. 

Use as a skin care ritual and/or metaphysical ritual. White pine woven with rose offers deep nutritive support to your entirety. 


White pine distillate

Rose infused witch hazel